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Through a carefully thought-out themetic strategy which when implemented, that will engage and resonate with the designated audience.


Your:Brand:Culture believes that creating the opportunity for brands to offer authentic 'experiences , delivered through partnering with other brands and organisations, will build strong equitable environments.


Partnering with us, we know that when you fully engaged as a brand and the culture surrounding it, you and the agency create a very powerful, dynamic, centred design. that enriches and creates  lasting brand equity throughout all stakeholders.



Brand Management Services

Branding and Identity: developing a cohesive thematic emblem and theme

Brand Auditing: examination of brand's position in the market,  competitors and a review. 

Cognitive Brand Alignment: focusses on training the organisation from its previous attitude and brand focus to embracing the new.

Social Communications: analysis of existing social media, promotional and engagement processes. 

Brand Engagement Strategy: assess how the team work with the customers, to build brand loyalty and equity.


We believe that, in order to move forward and be successful, a brand should be rooted in a solid foundation of brand strategy, infused with creative thinking.


With a solid strategic platform, we are able to take brands beyond design identities and build them from the inside out, through valuable brand assets.


Stewart Grays has worked with Luxury and High Street brands over the past 20 years. He has been able to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to sell subtly, effectively and efficiently to customers. with each brand he tailors a program, that can be phased in through workshops to build confidence, understanding and technique.

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Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.


The African continent is making great strides in many growth sectors, notably finance, e-commerce and tech and retail.  

Recently noted was a visit by Mark Zuckerberg of FaceBook, whom like many  investors is looking to growth sectors for capital investment. Also notably are the large international legal and accounting firms that are building headquarters in Cape Town,Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg. 

Along with the US, China, and India; various Middle Eastern countries like the UAE are pouring vast sum's into the continent, to set up and develop various projects between the nations.

For investors the rapid economic growth, is an attraction for technology, commerce, financial services, fashion and food and the promise to stamp out corruption, voices  the private sector and this will hopefully lead to a more stable economy with a stronger foundation to flourish.

you:brand:culture's breadth of services that includes a team of specialist’s with international and local experience, whom partnering with the client create a strategy that is directed on building brand loyalty, strong internal and external communications, continuous engagement with the customers, and profitable margins.

Experience show's that a direct innovative, informed and calculated initiative will build a brand’s equity and growth. 


About Us



Stewart Grays applied his skills to launch Morgan Grays, a luxury men’s accessory brand in the USA. Within 18 months, they were supplying over 120 stores nationally and 10 stores internationally, with a total gross turnover of $5m, and attracting the attention of the Richemont Group. This was a great personal success, and worked due to careful planning and a solid strategy. Accessories were commissioned by Warner Brothers and many Hollywood celebrities and charities. The business was sold in 2009.  He repeated this success by building on past lessons to create the Grays London and G4 Sport brands. With key experience in branding, communications, design, planning, marketing, sales and overseeing logistics, all important factors in building a brand. 



Tommy Hilfiger’s store on London’s Sloane Street was a hands-on experience for YBC. With just 4 weeks until the store opening, their Canadian shop-fitters were unable to manufacture or supply the fixtures. YBC stepped and through a communications strategy, and enabling theuse of the profile drawings, installed a complete Brand Engagement store interior.  Through collaboration with the various teams, YBC was able to keep the branding project on track, within the agreed budget and completed within 22 days. Tommy Hilfiger and Lawrence Stroll personally sealed the experience with a vintage bottle of champagne and personal thank you.

Macy’s, House of Fraser, Bloomingdales, Wallis, Nine West, Saks 5th Avenue, Marshall Fields.

Designing and implementing strong brand strategies and new product display items or in-house fixtures to update and create stronger brand unity within the environment. As in the case of Wallis, like  Escada, after creating a complete new brand identity to show the possibilities, they went ahead and ran with the new overall look, throughout London.



Most client engagements are focused around a specific project but lead to  advising on and creating a new brand strategy. The Sahara Group engaged us to research and develop the launch of a successful luxury label in India. Renault F1 wanted to develop an apparel and accessory range to sell to their F1 customers through the tracks and retail outlets. For Dunhill, we reviewed the London stores and the product range, as well as analysing customers’ shopping patterns. It showed us that the brand was still out of touch with consumer needs, and only a few of its products were profitable selling items. 

Distell was a great opportunity to understand the heritage of the Mainstay brand and the SA hospitality industry. We were able to quickly grasp the concept behind the new packaging, and the release of the ’54 label. Working with other teams, we organised an event at Shimmy Beach Club in Cape Town, that created the client’s desired atmosphere attracting 5000 guests, 200 press and bloggers who immediately posted images of the party, light shows and guests. A very successful brand launch campaign

Fashion, Retail, Commercial Brand Architecture

Events & Runway Shows