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  1. With a custom implemented strategy, we will develop your engagement to resonate with the designated audience.
  2. Our goal in this market is simple: develop a strong brand culture and an environment to support the culture. 
  3. We teach a very deliberate, very effective and proven process people can understand and develop to suit every buyer's needs. 
  4. The process once learned behaviour, will take them from the greeting all the way to the delivery. 
  5. We  focus on developing highly effective techniques in communication, through appreciating their brands core principles.  
  6. And by developing these skills, they will sell effectively within the brand culture to attain and retain long-term clients.


Your:Brand:Culture Workshops

  • Learning how to engage a customer, is a natural attribute for some, and for others it’s a learnt skill that they will develop. 
  • When we set-up our training days, we meet with the client to understand and listen to their concerns and ideas.
  • Through initial discussions we gleen the information on their business and sector.
  • What we do at Your Brand Culture when creating a client’s training day, is to develop a program that will bring out the confidence, selling technique and professional conduct for improving a sales team within your organisation.
  • We will show them how to build clear communication processes, appreciate brand equity and learn to improve their own techniques through understanding a client’s posture and tone and requirements.
  • At the end of the sessions, we hope all will exit with a ‘tool-kit’ to help improve their performance, be part of the brand building culture, and ultimately increase sales for the organisation. 
  • Finally resulting in the  opportunity for brand ambassadors  to offer authentic 'experiences , delivered through engagement,  Customer engagement services, Brand Engagement Services, and Customer Experience data.


When partnering with  Your Brand Culture, we know that when you fully engaged as a brand and the culture surrounding it, you and the agency create a very powerful, dynamic, centred program. that enriches and creates  lasting brand equity throughout all stakeholders.



Interior Brand Auditing

  1. When we at YBC conduct comprehensive interior brand audits. We look at all the elements that make up your internal culture. 
  2. These include the interior styling, communication touch-points, wall and printed graphics, furniture, and the employee culture.
  3. The internal processes and the way the organisation is laid out and operates are assessed to be effective.
  4.  Developing a brand culture, is a result of all the above working together committing to a solid identity and sales platform evoking the philosophy,  reaching the customer and building relationships.


  1. A Brand Strategy: We believe that in order for a brand to move forward and be successful, it should be rooted in a solid foundation created form a comprehensive strategy.
  2. The strategy should be infused with understanding the variables of the local customer needs, brand positioning, market diversity, age and cultural demographics and competitor pricing levels.

Development and Workshops

  1. Brand Ambassador Workshops: assess how the team work with the customers, to build brand loyalty and equity.
  2. With a solid knowledgeable platform, we are able to take brands beyond design identities and build them from the inside out, through valuable engagement practices.
  3. Employee Engagement Workshops: focusses on training the organisation from its previous attitude and brand focus to recommitting and embracing the new.


Stewart Grays has worked with Luxury and High Street brands over the past 20 years. He has been able to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to sell subtly, effectively and efficiently to customers. with each brand he tailors a program, that can be phased in through workshops to build confidence, understanding and technique.


If your environment is not installed to evoke the brand's culture and message. Your services and products could be misunderstood and misrepresented. 

From all the work and development above we end up with a strong identity that can be created visually to effect a brand message throughout any of the brand's environments.


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The world is a branded message. You are bombarded with billboards displaying some sort of product for shampoos, creams, sneakers, cars watches etc. 

We are part of a world that through all its various subliminal messages, entices us to purchase. Therefore, brands need to meet the expectations that customers will have upon entering their environments.

I have worked for over 25 years consulting within the luxury, retail and the hospitality sectors. What has been the most noticeable  factors for success are still ‘communication and service’. I have been witness to product launches, renovations within famous department stores to entice a new generation, or the installation of a well-known brand within the environment of another, to boost the latter’s appeal.

A biopsy of how they work or what killed an organisation or brand, indicated that there a six major factors. These factors comprise of what we ‘personally’ found to be the core of a customer or client’s initial perception when entering into the environment and receiving service.

The six factors that came above all others and we have always considered premium are:







What are the successful elements to building a brand conscious organisation?

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John Jones MR Magasine USA

Besides being a tasteful and creative designer, Stewart is a smart, aggressive marketer who understands the need to hit the ground running and create marketing materials with impact that really support the brand. I've been repeatedly impressed with his execution of print ads and lookbooks, not to mention his hands-on approach to p.r. and sales. And, at the risk of sounding shallow, wouldn't you want that voice and accent representing your collection? I know I would

Jose M Carretero Tomas, The Investor Society

I recommend would Stewart, he is a great professional and knows how to engage.

Valery Belsky: Art Of the Gift

Stewart is one of the most professional people that I've had the pleasure of knowing. We've worked together for over 5 years. His sense of style, branding and marketing is exceptional.

Praveshni Govinder CHANEL Prestige Group,SA

I can't recommend Stewart enough. It was a pleasure to work with him, and his team to train and create workshops that brought out the best in our ambassadors and allowed greater insight into the service engagement techniques.

Sean Strub, Hotel Fauchere.

My company worked with Stewart on several projects and we found him and his colleagues to be a joy to work with. They are creatively exciting but also able to recognize and work within our (sometimes tight) budget and marketing parameters. 

His work is exceptional, he has received numerous accolades within our organization and every interaction with Stewart has been professional and efficient. I can recommend him without hesitation. 

Great person, great service!

Shai Levy, Brand & Marketing Consultant

Stewart is a bright creative spirit with an impressive ability to foresee both the business and creative aspects of a brand. His creative talent, passion, kindness and positive energies makes Stewart a great person to work with.


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