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The Lindhorst Grays Group, welcomes you to a new and exciting experience in Design, Brand Theory, Service Engagement, and Environmental Brand planning.


As a team of experienced consultants, with years of experience in the Luxury, Hospitality,Retail and Fashion sectors. Whom together work under the Lindhorst Grays Group umbrella.

We aim to offer our client's something more than a single perspective to their requirements. 

To this end, we have the 'Your Brand Culture' Studio, originally a separate entity operated by Stewart Richard Grays and now within the LG group. Your Brand Culture looks deeper into the what makes an organisation or brand succeed. Resulting in a program developed from starting within the organisation, and developing outwards.

Along with our partner REACT Customer Research, whom for over 20 years have been setting the standard for high quality Customer Engagement Research services for improved customer engagement.

The Refinery Loft, over sees project management of installation, and contractual work required for clients.

We go the extra mile, to make sure you do too!

Service Engagement, Brand Architecture & Project Management


Engagement & Brand Development

  1. Employee Engagement Workshops
  2. Brand Communications Alignment
  3. Brand Management Workshops to refine communication processes.
  4. Brand Ambassador Engagement

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Commercial Interior Brand Architecture

  1. We work closely with the client's management team.
  2. Together we  create a strategy through various mediums that will evoke the message of the organisation. 
  3. Through the inclusion of innovative design, touch-points, planning and communication directives an organisation can be a culturally and technically savvy. 


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Planning and Installation

With over 20 years experience creating innovative tasteful spaces for clients from all walks of life, we think out of the box, create inspiring designs, project manage the process so that the client has the minimal stress, keeping within budget and tendering and negotiating on their behalf with contractors, engineers and suppliers.

With a dedicated team and a reputation for international flair and quality, we stand by our promise and reputation!.


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